Organofluorine chemistry:
science, technologies, manufacture since 1987

SIA "P&M-Invest" Ltd. is the first private chemical company in Russia. It was organized in the period of "Perestroika" in USSR, in 1987. As the creator of the company, Professor Igumnov Sergey worked in that time as a Research Scientist of Laboratory of Organo-fluorine Chemistry of Academy of Science. The direction of company's activity was foregone. More than 25 years our company is specialized in the field of organo-fluorine chemistry. We manufacture the products as in small quantities in lab. and in the commercial quantities on the plant near Moscow.

SIA "P&M-Invest" Ltd. is the supplier of unique organo-fluorine products with the special application. We synthesize the product that are not described in Scientific literature, carry out scientific researches under the development of methods of synthesis and create our own technologies for our internal production (see in details "directions"). Initially the company was oriented to the international market. 70-80 % of the total volume of sold products is exported abroad. With many partners from different countries we are fruitfully cooperating on a long-term basis and, of course, we have new buyers. With every year their number is increasing. We do our best to bring maximum benefit to our clients.